No excuse for shortcuts in tough times: WorkSafe


Employers and employees in industry sectors across Australia are now required to keep accurate records in compliance with OH&S requirements.

OH&S Industry Logbooks, a family owned and operated Australian company, specialises in the publication and distribution of logbooks for a wide range of applications.

Their team members can assist employers to meet their obligations with regard to logbook compliancy.

Industry Logbooks was launched more than eight years ago with just three publications.

The company now has an extensive range of more than 80 logbooks, with new concept books added regularly.

All books are designed and printed in Australia and are supplied with either a plastic protective wallet or cover. This includes two lockout tags, ties and velcro strips which can be conveniently placed on or near plant or machinery.

Victorian employers have a legal obligation to help injured workers to return to safe and sustainable work despite difficult economic times, says WorkSafe Vic.

WorkSafe has identified some business operators who have illegally terminated their employment of an injured worker.

All employers have a legal obligation to provide injured workers with suitable employment within the first 12 months following acceptance of a claim.

WorkSafe inspectors will closely monitor employers to ensure they meet their return to work obligations for injured workers.

WorkSafe’s Len Boehm said the management of return to work obligations was often juggled among a range of business needs.

“Helping injured workers return to work in a safe and sustainable way can be a complex process, he said.

“However, an employer cannot ignore their responsibilities,” Mr Boehm said.

“Whether you are downsizing or changing the structure of your workplace, your legal obligations remain the same.”

WorkSafe inspectors will assist business operators and provide guidance on what they need to do to comply.

“But where employers are not addressing return to work issues and meeting their obligations, they will suffer the consequences, including the potential for prosecution,” Mr Boehm said.

WorkSafe prosecuted supermarket giant Woolworths Ltd earlier this year for failing to provide an injured worker with suitable employment despite the worker being certified as fit for alternative duties.

WorkSafe is also reminding injured workers that they have obligations and their entitlements may be affected should they not make every effort to return to work in suitable employment.

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