No challenge too big for Kockums

Over the past two decades, Kockums Bulk Systems (KBS) has developed techniques for the efficient handling of all forms of powders and granules.

This includes transfer, storage, weigh feeding, mixing and sifting.

Kockums incorporates applications for filling and emptying bulk bags – and even 6m ISO containers.

During this period, Kockums has recognized the continuing need for more economical handling techniques.

The company also recognizes the consumer need for sack size packages from 5kg to 20kg.

In the past, Kockums staff were experienced in manual and semi-automatic filling of sacks, and have since become aware of the need to offer fully automatic packaging systems.

Ten years ago Kockums sought major international suppliers for sack filling systems and automatic palletisers.

Following a comprehensive evaluation process for best quality and well proven solutions, Kockums secured equipment from Italy, Denmark and Japan for the Australian market.

Kockums has since become a market leader in this area, especially with its Form Fill and Seal (FFS) machine, which handles compost type materials, including barks and pebbles.

The sacks produced by these machines are fed to high and low level palletisers from Denmark or Italy and purpose built four-axis robots from Japan. Stretch wrappers
and hooders are also supplied from Italy.

For a complete package, these FFS machines are doubled with an automatic palletiser or robot, including pallet dispensers, conveyors and slip sheet dispensers, delivering a total turn-key supply.

This system can automatically fill and palletize 20kg sacks at rates of about 18 per minute.

The vertical FFS machine is currently being adapted to also supply compressed bales of products like lucerne.

Another specialist packaging product from Kockums is the Vacu-Easylift system developed in Sweden.

The technology is smart, yet simple. Increasing vacuum in the lift tube causes the tube to contract and lift the object, which is attached to the lifting foot by a vacuum connection.

Kockums executive Ivan Price met with the inventor of the equipment in Sweden some 25 years ago and KBS has represented the product ever since.

The equipment is sold internationally and KBS is the longest serving international agent.

Wherever repeat lifting of objects is required, these vacuum lifting devices enable
staff to work continuously and quickly, without incurring back strain injuries.

They also boost productivity significantly.

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