Nissan forklifts a win for business and environment

Businesses looking for a win-win outcome should take a serious look at Nissan’s battery electric TX Series.

Capable of long working hours with zero emissions, the compact TX Series combines environmental responsibility with financial sense and operator comfort in a perfectly sized package.

There are seven models in the TX Series, with load capacities between 1250 and 2000kg. Highly manoeuvrable due to centrally-positioned twin steer-wheels, each TX forklift is capable of handling a wide variety of jobs.

At its heart it has a high-performance AC power controller that’s not only highly efficient; it features regenerative braking – like an electric car – that tops-up the battery by converting braking energy to electricity.

Twin drive motors power one wheel each and when turning, the inside wheel counter-rotates, effectively allowing the machine to turn on the spot.

Other power saving features include on-demand power steering, which only uses power when actually turning, and a programmable power-off function that will turn the machine off after a preset time, even if the operator leaves the seat.

Battery life is obviously job dependent but can stretch to days between recharges, as experienced by an operator in NSW’s Hunter Valley wine region.

Importantly, under normal operating conditions TX Series forklifts are designed to operate for 1200 hours between services, keeping down-time to a minimum and making for easy service scheduling.

Fully-enclosed wet-type multi-disc brakes not only provide effective stopping power and precise control, they are largely maintenance free.

Sealed from the elements, their design also does away with brake dust – improving the air quality in the workplace. This goes hand-in-hand with the absence of diesel or LPG fumes and conventional engine noise, making TX Series forklifts particularly suited to noise sensitive or enclosed working spaces.

Nissan TX Series trucks offer drivers ergonomic controls, comfortable seating, excellent visibility and class-leading manoeuvrability.

Aided by a small-diameter, tilt-adjustable steering wheel the operator also gets a detailed, multi-function LCD display which, at a glance, provides comprehensive operational and maintenance information.

Other safety-related features include a warning buzzer that activates if the operator leaves the seat without applying the parking brake, while a mast-lock helps prevent accidents by automatically locking the lift-and-tilt functions if the operator’s seat isn’t occupied.

These features are all part of Nissan’s Risk Reduction System – an intelligently integrated system that seeks to minimise the chance of inadvertent or unexpected forklift operation. For example, PIN access can be programmed for each operator and travel speeds and lift heights can be set, ensuring a safe workplace.

Nissan’s battery electric TX Series is supplied by Powerlift Nissan – a name synonymous with Nissan Forklifts in Australia for more than 25 years.

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