Nissan Forklifts stack up when it comes to safety

In an ongoing commitment to improve site safety, leading packaging solutions company Loscam is working with Powerlift Nissan to introduce cutting-edge GPS technology.

The innovative new technology – known as GPS Zone Switch – has been developed to safely manage forklift speeds throughout various working areas of Loscam’s Victorian and NSW facilities.

Each fork truck has been fitted with a GPS module that signals its location. This then activates Nissan’s factory developed speed control system to automatically change between the truck’s high and low speed settings, which are both fully adjustable.

Zone boundaries, or a ‘Geofence’, are set up via a web interface, such as Google Maps.

The Geofence application allows areas within Loscam’s various sites throughout Australia to be plotted with the simple click of a mouse.

The settings are stored on a server that communicates wirelessly with a forklift once the vehicle is in motion. When a truck enters or leaves a zoned area, a switch in speed is automatically initiated.

Areas inside the zone switch – such as areas around pedestrian traffic – see the forklift default to the low speed setting. Once a fork truck leaves a zoned area it automatically switches to the higher speed setting to help maintain productivity.

“There was complexity in our objective. We wanted to slow fork trucks in areas close to pedestrian traffic and speed up in areas where it was safer to do so to maintain operational efficiencies,” says Peter Burgess, Loscam’s National Operations Manager.

“GPS Zone Switch enables management of vehicle speeds dependant on area requirements from high speed to low speed.”

Peter says Loscam initiated discussions with Powerlift Nissan because of the increasing importance of Occupational Health & Safety at the company’s sites.

Powerlift Nissan then worked in conjunction with its Fleet Management Technology provider to create the cost-effective and user-friendly GPS solution.

“A further safety feature is that whenever the module cannot obtain a GPS location, the switch is defaulted to the low speed.”

“The result of the development work between Loscam’s equipment and Powerlift Nissan’s technology certainly achieved our objectives. We’ve delivered a safer work environment through an improved traffic management system,” added Peter.

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