In the NIC of time: a revolutionary new video scope

The Toolmaster NIC portable video scope from Hare & Forbes is a revolutionary tool that will make inspection easier with greater visibility for examining hard to reach places.

A 12mm diameter camera tipped probe with built in adjustable LED lighting mounted on a one meter flex and stay shaft allows visual inspection of otherwise inaccessible areas.

The monitor features 60mm high resolution LCD screen with intensity control for the LED lights, giving superb clarity even in concealed dark spaces.

Designed specifically for the automotive, aerospace and engineering industries the new NIC Portable Video Scope performs extremely well. Compact in size and boasting extremely bright illumination, the NIC Portable Video Scope is sure to impress.

The NIC package includes a protective carry case, magnetic tip, mirror tip and hook tip.

Optional 3m and 5m cable lengths are also available.

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