NHP will keep you covered


With the increasing number of Photovoltaic “solar” systems now being installed, it is important the products used are correctly selected and approved to ensure the right coverage, should something go wrong.

Within a typical domestic solar system, a number of products need Australian recognised approval including Photovoltaic (PV) Array, DC to AC grid connected inverter, DC MCBs and AC MCBs.

As well as facing the potential of large fines, there is also the possibility of being left out in the cold by your insurance company if an unapproved product is used and an accident occurs.

NHP offers a range of Terasaki DIN-T DC and Terasaki DIN-T AC MCBs to meet these requirements and ensure the right fit for your solar solution.

NHP have a range of approved DC and AC MCBS including:

>2 pole DC MCBs (0.5A to 63A rated up to 500VDC) >4 pole DC MCBs (10A to 63A rated up to 1000VDC)

NHP also offer a comprehensive range of AC MCBs in the DIN-T family from 6kA to 15kA in different tripping curves B, C and D curve.

Why take the risk? Cover yourself and use NHP.

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