NHP unveils exciting new Concept

The well established range of Concept panelboards from NHP has been bolstered by a new addition.

The new Concept Plus offers a safer, more efficient panelboard with outstanding new features including:

  • New NC chassis
  • Improved neutral bar mounting
  • New flush door handle

Complete with a mechanically insulated busbar chassis that differentiates this new panelboard from the previous version, the NC chassis also has the full complement of connection kits, providing IP2X (touch) protection.

The new design also ensures the sub-circuits and main bars are not relying on the busbar coating as a method of insulation, which further improves the life of the installation as well as the cost of maintenance.

The Concept Plus chassis is retrofittable with the old CD chassis (DIN MCBs) and is much simpler to install, which improves the overall assembly time.

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