NHP now offers a full safety solution

NHP has introduced a new range of Industrial Safety Fencing from Melbourne supply partner ISF Pty Ltd.

This is the latest addition to an extensive range of safety and machine guarding products already offered by NHP.

The ISF range of panels, posts, doors and accessories are designed to be modular in nature, meaning that parts can be selected from the NHP Part B / Part R or ISF Catalogues without any design or engineering required by the end user.

This allows ultimate ease in product selection, installation and any modifications and extensions if required after the install.

The ISF range offers the following benefits over more traditional non-modular fencing offerings:

  • Designed in accordance with Australian Standards
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Modular
  • Flexible

The high degree of flexibility offered by the ISF range, as well as locally held stock, enables the freedom to quickly establish a safe working environment at customer’s premises.

A tailored safety fencing system beyond the standard ISF range can be designed to meet almost any requirements.

Options include:

  • Choice of materials – wire mesh, perforated sheet, polycarbonate, glass or stainless steel
  • Custom designed components – including specially designed panels, posts and doors
  • Integration – the safety fencing system can be integrated with any safety accessory
  • Installation – the fencing system can be supplied only or supplied and fully installed by our preferred contractors
  • Custom colours

The ISF safety fencing range is compatible with NHP’s extensive range of safety products, including:

  • Coded magnetic reed switches
  • Laser scanners
  • Enabling switches
  • Light curtains
  • Tongue switches
  • Solenoid guard switches
  • Stack lights
  • Trapped key systems
  • Safety mats

This integration is achieved using specially designed brackets allowing quick and easy installation of the entire NHP safety component offering.

Ph: 1300 647 647 (NHP NHP)