NHP – proudly Australian owned for 40 years

When NHP Electrical Engineering was established in 1968, founder Nigel Peck was determined to create a 100 percent Australian-owned company focused on providing the best service and highest level of quality products in the Industrial Electrical Industry.

In a market dominated by large multinationals, Nigel seized theopportunity, and in 2008, 40 years on, NHP is still a 100 per centAustralian-owned company and our focus still remains the same.

NHP specialises in industrial switchgear and automation, bringing together leading products and systems from key applicationcategories - motor control, power distribution, hazardous location,sensing and detection, safety and protection, monitoring and display, enclosures and termination, control and switching, power quality and automation and communication.

Adopting best-of-breed manufacturing technologies is only one piece in the industrial puzzle. Seamless integration of these technologies into effective end-to-end systems is essential – systems that offer customers the highest return-on-investment, improved production throughput, reduced downtime and scalablefuture-proof solutions.

Selected products are fully backed by our comprehensive region-wide staff and customer training programs, product documentation regime, product spares and technical support programs.

NHP is committed to the ongoing upgrade and expansion of its facilities and resources across the region.