NHP’S new TemBreak model breaks new ground

The new ZS earth leakage MCCB from NHP and Terasaki offers machine or personnel protection within a standard 125 A, 160 / 250 A MCCB frame size.

The ZS earth leakage MCCB, which is based on the TemBreak 2 MCCB range, also maintains the full functionality of a standard thermal-magnetic overload/short circuit protection device.

Protection against electric shock hazard can be provided by circuit breakers incorporating residual current protection.

Until now, MCCB’s incorporating an RCD in Australia and NZ, have been a combination type, where the circuit breaker is mechanically and electrically coupled to a residual current block.

These add-on residual current blocks increased the overall dimension of the device as well as the overall power consumption due to the additional load, sometimes requiring a de-rating of the host circuit breaker.