Nexen’s new torque limiters save time and costs

The trend in industry is to design and incorporate more automation into production processes.

Machines are becoming faster, more precise and rigid, to withstand the dynamic loads necessary to increase capacity and productivity.

Torque overloads caused by material jams, operator error, or a whole range of unforeseen reasons pose a significant threat to profits due to machine or product damage, and lost production.

To manage this problem Nexen’s patented MTL mechanical torque limiter isolates the
driving from the driven elements within a matter of milliseconds, once the torque
reaches a preset overload value.

After the problem is cleared the torque limiter is reset and production continues.

The MTL is low cost and easily adjustable offering single and multi-position options as
well as auto reset, manual reset, and load holding options.

Its compact design minimises shaft length requirements and allows smaller sprockets and pulleys.

The many features of Nexen’s MTL, from Norman G. Clark, makes it a leader in its class.

Norman G. Clark
Ph: 03 9450 8200