New ultra-deep dimples from Dimpleflo

Australia’s leading Heat Transfer Solutions provider has released a new Deep Dimple evolution of their proven Dimpleflo Heat Exchanger range.

The Deep Dimple design results in the Australian designed and produced, Dimpleflo Heat Exchanger, achieving unprecedented Heat Transfer Co-Efficients when processing, slurries and viscous products or waste streams.

The Deep Dimple design eliminates laminar flow characteristics that prevent traditional heat exchangers from processing high viscosity products, efficiently. Products that can be processed through the Deep Dimpleflo, include mining slurries, ammonium nitrate solutions and thickened sewerage sludge.

Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers generate levels turbulence similar to a scraped-surface without the high capital or maintenance costs.

The new Deep Dimple design can be incorporated into most of the existing of Dimpleflo range.

Dimpleflo has been designed and manufactured in Australia for more than 20 years.

The unique Dimple profiled Monotube enables a self-draining, high efficiency heat exchanger that is virtually unblockable.

Dimpleflo can be constructed using corrosion-resistant alloys such as 2205 Duplex and Titanium and requires minimal maintenance.

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