New technology to improve glove compliance


In a move
designed to encourage workers to observe hand protection procedures in the
workplace, Ansell has developed a technique that creates relief zones in the
glove structure.

 Called ‘Zonz™
Knit Technology’ Ansell says this new liner knitting technology reduces hand
fatigue by providing stress release in the knuckle area through a patented
knitting process with a varying stitch design that enhances glove stretch for
maximum flexibility and dexterity.

 Comfort is also
enhanced by an additional knitting process that drops down the little finger.
With the upper palm portion below the middle-three fingers knitted separately
from the rest of the palm, and the little finger joint mounted lower than the
rest, independent movements are enhanced resulting in a better-fitted glove.

 “Gloves that lack
comfort and dexterity are often removed by workers to perform some tasks,
leaving them open to risk of injury”, said Ansell’s Asia Pacific Head of
Marketing, Greg Plemmons.

“Discussions with
many users of gloves for industrial applications have shown a positive response
to this advance in glove design”, Plemmons added.