New suction pad for extremely hot workpieces

Products with temperatures of up to 600°C can be handled without problems


The new suction pad from Schmalz can do something which no other suction pad can do!

With the new high-temperature suction pad SPHT, it is possible to handle workpieces with temperatures of up to 600°C without problems. The suction pad is not only capable of withstanding these temperatures for short periods, but remains undamaged even when gripping them for a long time!


The highlights at a glance:

·   Withstands temperatures of up to 600°C

·   Stainless-steel body with gasket made from a special textile material

·   Gasket can be replaced separately when worn or damaged



·   Suitable for flat workpieces with smooth or slightly rough surfaces

·   Handling of workpieces with surface temperatures of up to 600°

·   Ideal for use in the glass industry, for example in the production of float glass or in the tempering process

·   Suitable for handling metal workpieces, for example during hot forming



·   Round flat suction pad with gasket in the form of an edge seal

·   Gasket made of special textile material for high-temperature applications

·   Gasket replaceable

·   Available sizes: diameter of sealing edge 35, 58, 90 and 138 mm

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