New Stretch Film & Website for Integrated Packaging

Integrated Packaging and Integrated Machinery, Australia’s largest manufacturing specialist of stretch film wrap and equipment have recently launched their new look websites.

The sites feature up to date news, product information and brochures as well as company details and links to the Integrated Packaging Group subsidiaries.

Integrated Machinery showcase their popular Excell range of semi and automatic stretch wrapping equipment plus their fully automatic and custom made wrapping machines. Integrated Packaging display all products from their industrial and agricultural stretch film range with key stretch film differences, product specifications and contact details.

Rob Archibald, General Manager Sales & Marketing, felt that the business was not accurately reflected in the previous websites. ‘We are at the forefront of technology with many of our stretch film and machinery products,’ he said. ‘Our new websites are now a reflection of this and they are a much better tool for visitors wanting to know more about our products.’

In line with this contemporary approach, Integrated Packaging has also been working on a next generation stretch film designed to maximise productivity specifically for fully automated machine users. This film is of a lower gauge than conventional stretch film, offering cost effectiveness, yet has proven (with substantial data) to retain if not improve on the strength properties of the film.

‘This product will be another world first for Integrated Packaging’, Archibald says. ‘It will not only benefit our customers but it will raise the bar for the whole market in terms of quality and performance.’

The next generation film is currently being trialed in the marketplace with targeted high volume/fully auto users. With the testing data showing excellent results it’s likely to be highly successful for Integrated Packaging and its customers.

For more information contact Integrated Packaging.