New software from Belden

Belden has released the new 7.0 of its software platform from its Hirschmann product series.

The new platform is used in the MACH 100, 1000 and 4000, MICE, RS, RSR and OCTOPUS families of managed switches from Hirschmann.

The latest release of this software platform offers a range of functions normally only found in backbone systems for the office area.

In addition to DVMRP and PIM-DM, the new PIM-SM multicast protocol is provided for Layer 3, enabling optimum utilisation of bandwidth.

Using IEEE802.1x multi-client authentication, several users can be authenticated on the same switch port.

Blocked users can be automatically added to a “guest VLAN” that only has restricted usage rights.

In addition, ports that have faulty electrical or optical connections can be automatically deactivated in order to ensure the stability of the network.

The new software platform also provides additional service functions for IP telephony.

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