New Series of Rapid Roll Doors

ALBANY Nomafa has released the new 300 A series model of Rapid Roll Doors.

Combined with a proven Nomafa performance record and an economical price this door has now set the standard in the food industry, according to the company.

These new doors have lightweight aluminium side columns with a small footprint, allowing this door to be installed into places that in the past would have been impossible to fit a high speed door.

This Rapid Roll Door meets all the standards in safety. The safety edge on the bottom of the door blade ensures that if the door were to come into contact with an object it would immediately reverse to the open position. The door also has a fixed photocell across the door line ensuring the door does not close when an object is passing through.

With vision through the door becoming a must have requirement of an industry acutely aware of the safety aspect, this door comes with a see through PVC door blade with coloured strips as standard.

These doors are manufactured in Australia with short lead times and combined with a service organisation covering the country, making them a very practical and economical solution to meet the requirements of industry, says Albany Nomafa.