New safety light curtain offers top protection

The ReeR Janus M-Series safety light curtain from Treotham Automation is a multi-beam opto-electronic Type 4 safety system, offering protection to those exposed to dangerous machinery or plant.

The light curtain, which complies with IEC61496-1,2 EN61496-1, consists of an active and passive element.

The active element contains the emitter and the receiver while the passive element contains pre-aligned reflectors, capable of reflecting the strip of infrared light.

Available systems include 2-beam models, covering a distance of 500 mm, 3-beam models (distance 400 mm) and 4-beam models (distance 300 mm).

The Janus M-Series is suitable for protecting automatic palletising/de-palletising and other materials handling and storage systems, packing and packaging machines, assembly lines, industrial automatic warehouses including AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) transit openings, and tooling/manufacturing machines.

The Janus M TRX integrates the muting function as well as the main related safety functions, and ML TRX and MT TRX models integrate the muting sensors as well, on pre-wired and pre-aligned sensor element using the same retro-reflection principle as the safety light curtain.

The muting function generates a temporary, automatic interruption of safety light curtain operation in order to permit normal transit of material through the guarded opening. Maximum muting time-out is user selectable.

The optional escape release is intuitive to operate and enables people to exit a danger area quickly and easily.

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