New rescue ladder a step in the right direction

Capital Safety has launched the new Rollgliss Rescue Ladder for assisted rescues
after a fall.

The Rollgliss Rescue Ladder can be anchored to a structure and dropped down to the victim’s level so that he or she can climb up or down to safety.

The new rescue ladder provides an immediate response and aid to the fall victim in most environments, including confined spaces.

The ladder can be used when professional rescue personnel are not readily available.

It is easy to climb with rungs that are reinforced and steps that are staggered instead of straight across. The lightweight synthetic material makes the 1.7kg ladder easy to transport to the rescue area. It is ideal for use on construction sites where
falls over edges are a common hazard, and by utility workers who use specialised
equipment to access confined spaces.

The Rollgliss Rescue Ladder is available in 2.4m sections. Extra sections can be
added to lengthen the ladder for specific site requirements.

The ladder comes with three connecting karabiners that can be anchored to a structure or other anchorage connectors, including webbing tie-off adaptors, cable tie-off adaptors and fixed beam anchors.

Capital Safety
Ph: 1800 245 002