New range of transmitters from Yamatake

Yamatake has released its latest range of AT9000 Advanced Transmitters, featuring high performance and excellent stability.

The AT9000 is a microprocessor-based smart transmitter capable of measuring gas, liquid, vapour and liquid levels.

It transmits 4 to 20 mA DC analogue and digital signals according to the measured
differential pressure.

It can also execute two-way communications between the CommPad (Handy Communicator) or HART 375 communicator, thus facilitating self-diagnosis, rang resetting, and automatic zero adjustment.

Unique characterization and composite semiconductor sensors realise high accuracy up
to 0.04%F.S and fast response within 100 msec.

Proven sensor technology enables long-term stability up to 0.1% of URL per 10-year.

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