New Product Release: Summit Door Access by Summit Matsu Chillers

Summit Matsu Chillers has released a new model of water chillers for industrial and air conditioning applications.

The SDA Series (Summit Door Access) was developed after suggestions from national mechanical services contracting company Quantum that there was a need in the market for a chiller that could fit through standard doorways and elevators. The savings on cranage costs to customers could be significant.

After 24 months of R&D the SDA Series was born.

Other features of the chiller include modular design – allowing multiple modules to be installed for additional capacity, and side air discharge – eliminating the need for ductwork by allowing customers to use a louvred wall section for condenser air discharge. Fans used are low noise which makes the chillers ideal for residential environments or industrial environments where there is a noise budget.

The chillers feature Refcomp brand screw or reciprocating compressors for best possible power consumption and a Thermokey shell and tube evaporator built to designs provided by Summit Matsu engineers.

The company will also customise chiller components to maximise the machines electrical efficiency in any given installation environment, and customise things like stainless steel panels or copper condensers for harsh or corrosive environments.

Summit Matsu Chillers manufacture and distribute water chillers Australia wide for air conditioning, industrial processes, food processing, petrochemical applications, scientific uses, and process cooling machinery for all types of applications.

More information on similar applications and case studies can be found online at

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