New Product: Broad spectrum leaf nutrient from Sabroll

SABROLL Leaf Nutrient Concentrate is a broad spectrum leaf nutrient in fully chelated form, which will quickly increase plant nutrition with its high energy and mineral components. 

Non-toxic and easy to mix and apply, SABROLL Leaf Nutrient Concentrate drought-proofs plants by reducing water dependency and is suitable for broadacre agricultural and horticultural applications as well as for the home garden. It assures healthy, sustained growth with flush new regrowth and optimum bloom for all your garden foliage, from ornamentals, tropical flowers, orchids, Australian natives, citrus trees, vegetables and herbs, to indoor plants and turf.


  • Provides plants with very high glucose and protein conten
  • Contains all essential micronutrients in pure organic form, which are immediately available to plants
  • Eliminates need for potentially detrimental chemicals, pesticides or herbicides
  • Counter-balances any trace deficiencies

Applied at a rate of 5mls per litre of water, for larger applications SABROLL Leaf Nutrient Concentrate can be sprayed by water truck or boom spray using batter sprays or fire-fighting nozzles. It is also environmentally safe to aerial spray from aircraft and will not clog aircraft or boom spray nozzles.

SABROLL Leaf Nutrient Concentrate is manufactured in Australia and is available in 1, 5, 20, 200 and 1,000 litre containers. (Still to be updated on our website, so please call us if you’d like to know more.)

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