New POSEIDON 8 premium class cold water line

Gerni reinforces its product range towards agriculture, construction, transport and food by launching a new line of premium class, high flow cold water pressure washers. This High Preassure Wascher is especially useful for the agricultural market where we see a clear trend towards 30-40 l/min products as farms get bigger and bigger and the cleaning tasks tougher and tougher. Gerni reacts to these changing requirements and increases its product range at the same time.

The POSEIDON 8 counts 2 performance levels (180 bar at 2100 l/h and 160 bar at 2500 l/h). Each model is available with either a powder coated steel frame or with a stainless steel frame. All models are mounted on pneumatic wheels ensuring robustness and easy transport over rough ground.

All models are equipped with slow running motors and full ceramic piston pumps to ensure long lifetime. Furthermore, it has our Pump Overheat Protection feature that switches off the machine if it gets too hot. This saves the life of the pump in case of malfunction.

The motor pump unit is equipped with features as delayed Start Stop system and SoftStart. The Start Stop feature stops the motor automatically during work pauses (spray gun is closed) thus extending motor lifetime and reducing noise levels. The SoftStart feature ensures that the motor gradually reaches full speed and thus protects electrical installations: an important feature on machines of this power level!

Yet another tough and powerful high pressure range from Gerni.