New Nissan forklifts deliver big cost savings

Increasing cost pressures make it vital to review every area of operations.

Materials handling equipment is a major expense – in terms of acquisition, maintenance and operating costs – and it’s in these areas that Nissan Forklift’s 1F Series can deliver real savings.

Nissan Forklift has been manufacturing world-class forklifts for more than 50 years and is a global manufacturer with a reputation for quality, innovation and reliability.

Their forklifts incorporate a significant level of automotive technology in areas like engineering and environmental friendliness, which, combined with a long list of standard features make them a stand-out value proposition.

The 1F Series comprises a range of models with load capacities from 1600kg to 5000kg. Impressively, the compact and cushion tyre 1F1/2 models and all 1F4 models are capable of lifting to heights of 7m on single drive tyres.

All 1F Series dual-fuel forklifts come standard with a fuel-efficient, low-emission EFI petrol/LPG engine with the option of diesel power.

LPG has always been the most popular fuel type for forklifts and with the Nissan Forklift 1F Series, operators are assured of the best performance and economy. Unlike conventional carburettor systems, Nissan Forklift employs ultra modern LPG injection technology – increasing power, improving economy and lowering emissions.

Working as an integral part of the standard fuel delivery system, the LPG injection system is engineered into the vehicle and works through the engine management system to deliver outstanding results.

Combined with the ability to program the machine to operate in economy mode, overall fuel savings up to 22.5 per cent can be achieved compared to a conventional carburettor model.

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