New Modular Heat Exchanger

Teralba Industries Pty continues innovate and provide heat transfer solutions with the  newly released, high-flow Dimpleflo Modubloc Heat Exchanger for processing large volumes, up to 200 tonnes of product per hour and is capable of handling pressures of up to 580 psi/40 Bar.

This all new ‘Dimpleflo’ Modubloc design uses a unique, bolt together system to join tubes enabling endless options by adding or re-configuring the Heat Exchanger to meet any changed or increased application in the future.

The ‘Dimpleflo’ Modubloc is an all Stainless Steel tube-in-tube Heat Exchanger making it totally hygenic and suitable for corrosive environments.  Due to it’s tight involuted configuration, the ‘Dimpleflo’ Modubloc provides the ultimate in high efficiency heat transfer of slurries in a compact, cost-effective design.

This NEW design builds on the renowned attributes Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers that combines a free-draining, compact configuration with extremely high heat transfer co-efficients in an overall package that has proven to be virtually maintenance free.

For further information please contact:

Teralba Industries   
Phone: 02 4626 5000