New miniature screw terminal is turning heads

The latest innovation from Keystone Electronics Corp is a new, miniature, screw terminal type binding post suited for 22-15 A WG wire and used in high density PCB packaging.

Rated 15 Amps, this compact, low profile design facilitates a broad range of capabilities for a number of applications with space-saving, cost-effective versatility.

Made of tin plated brass and a zinc plated screw, these new screw terminal binding posts are supplied assembled or unassembled.

Available from NPA Pty Ltd, Cat. No. 8737 is supplied completely assembled with a screw and wire retention contact to aid in preventing wire damage. It is supplied with an unassembled binding post and screw.

Keystone Electronics designs and manufactures more than 5000 interconnect components and hardware while providing stamping, machining and assembly services for required modifications and special design needs.

An in-house application engineering group facilitates these capabilities.

Available in stock from Keystone’s global distribution network, ISO-9001-2000 certified and RoHS compliant, company headquarters are in the US with offices in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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