New METAZA engraver makes a big impact

Roland DG Corporation, a specialist in engraving and 3D milling machines, has released its latest desktop impact printer METAZA MPX-90.

The MPX-90 strikes metallic surfaces with a precision diamond-tipped stylus at high speed and pin-sharp accuracy. The MPX-90 is ideally suited for industrial marking applications including the production of serial number plates and data plates. It can also be used for medical and industrial tool identification and marking.

“The MPX-90 allows you to permanently inscribe a wide variety of differing shaped and
sized items, including products much larger than the work table,” said Matthew Landrigan, Roland DG product manager.

The MPX-90 uses a durable diamond-tipped stylus, which can clearly imprint text, logos and photos on a broad range of materials and finishes including brushed and textured surfaces such as tools and stainless steel components.

The MPX-90 is a cost effective option for the industrial sector.

With precision imprinting on a wide variety of metallic materials including iron, stainless steel and titanium, the MPX-90 is ideal for producing industrial serial plates or directly marking tooling and components for traceability or security/identification purposes - on demand, and with minimal running costs. Unlike traditional engravers and laser engraving machines, the MPX-90 allows first-time users to produce perfect results straight away without complex training, extraction or maintenance.

For a limited time Roland DG is running a Trade Up program for the new MPX-90. Trade
any existing metal impact printer or engraver, and receive $500 off the RRP of the MPX-90 (conditions apply).

Roland DG Australia
Ph: 1800 500 119