New Machtech Waterjets

Applied Machinery is proud to announce the arrival of the Machtech Projet Series of Waterjet Machines to the Australian market.

With a proven track record for quality and reliability across the world, these Waterjet Machines are making a splash into the highly competitive Waterjet market.

With machines ranging from 600mm x 600mm capacity, right up to 4000 x 20000mm, there is sure to be a Projet perfectly suited for your every application.

Featuring Accu-Stream (American), or KMT (German) ultra high pressure intensifiers, the quality of our Projet range is second to none.

The entire range of Projet machines come standard with specialised Waterjet cutting software that is 100% Windows compatible. This allows you to get started cutting and profiling quickly without the need for costly and time consuming made-to-order software connectivity programming.

Options, including 4-axis (for offset tapering) & 5-axis (for cone-shaped edges) dynamic cutting heads allow for the most complex of profiling tasks, all with an incredibly precise control accuracy of 0.01mm.

Please phone our sales director, Mr John Goodrich on (03) 9706 8066 to further discuss your requirements for a Waterjet machine. We are confident that the world class quality, combined with exceptional value will make a Machtech Projet an extremely attractive proposition to your business.