New lightweight magnetic lifter from Serpent and Dove

Serpent and Dove’s newly released Low Profile Lifting Magnet (LPLMn48) has significant advantages over other lifters.

It’s light in weight and low profile construction – particularly useful for lifting thin steel.

The LPLM lifting magnet is modular in construction with standard modules being some 250mm in length. Modules can be ganged together to provide increased lifting capacity.

At 60mm wide x 250 long and only 27 high and weighing only 3kg, each module employs multiple shallow field laminated pole rare earth magnet technology and is capable of a safe lift of 150kg per module.

The LPLM is easily presented to the steel surface and removed from it using a patented hinged lever and roller system and features a locking mechanism to meet Australian Standard 4991.

The Low Profile Lifting Magnet is a welcome addition to Serpent and Dove’s extensive and versatile range of permanent and electro lifting magnets.

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