New inline vacuum filter

A clean vacuum for your system


The new inline vacuum filters from Schmalz provide optimal protection for vacuum generators such as ejectors, preventing the entry of dirt and the resulting possible damage.


This very small and extremely light filter is installed – as it name indicates – directly in the hose and thus needs very little space. It can also be retrofitted in any existing system.


Our highlights are your benefits...

·   Filter for vacuum capable of withstanding short-term pressures of up to 7 bar

·   Benefit: universal use in systems with vacuum and compressed air


·   Easily replaceable filter insert

·   Benefit: you are not purchasing a disposable product! When the filter insert becomes dirty, you only need to replace this part of the filter. This reduces your costs and, at the same time, protects the environment. It also goes without saying that the filter insert can be replaced more quickly than the complete filter, since the hose remains connected to the filter housing.


·   Degree of contamination easily visible through a large window

·   Benefit: the condition of the filter can be checked easily and quickly at any time


·   Simple installation in the hose

·   Benefit: space-saving and quick installation – and easy retrofitting in existing systems



The inline filter can be used in all vacuum systems with a low to medium degree of contamination.

The inline filter can be mounted directly in the vacuum line, without the need for additional mounting brackets.



·   Hose nozzles with clamping nuts on each end, suitable for hoses with internal diameters of 4 and 6 mm.

·   Transparent filter housing with arrow for the direction of flow

·   Twist-off filter head with non-slip knurled edge

·   Filter insert made of transparent material to permit visual inspection. The standard filter insert has a pore size of 50 µm




è   Inline vacuum filter VFI 6/4 (external/internal hose diameter 6/4 mm)

·   Maximum flow rate 20 l/min.

·   Article No.

·   Availability as of calendar week 33/07


è   Inline vacuum filter VFI 8/6 (external/internal hose diameter 8/6 mm)

·   Maximum flow rate 60 l/min.

·   Article No.

·   Availability as of calendar week 33/07

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