New improved sensors

TURCK’s line of BIM-UNR magnetic cylinder position sensors has been expanded to include sensors with NPN outputs.

The magnetic cylinder position sensors are designed to mount within C-groove cylinders with no accessories required.

BIM-UNR sensors are also now enhanced with a combination mounting screw that grants
users the flexibility of choosing a 3/16” (1.3 mm) Allen wrench or a flat-bladed screwdriver for sensor installation.

Sensors can be securely mounted with a simple quarter-turn of the mounting screw, which is located in close proximity to the cable exit.

This design ensures the sensors remain firmly fastened, even if a cable is pulled.

With dimensions of only 2.9 x 4.6 x 18 mm, BIM-UNR is one of the most compact sensors on the market.

For easy installation, this miniature sensor can be inserted into a C-groove from the top rather than from the side.

The sensor’s active sensing element is placed at the bottom of the groove - as close
to the magnet as feasible – to deliver reliable etection, particularly on short-stroke cylinders.

The BIM-UNR also provides high immunity to EMC interference, in accordance with EN 60947-5-2.

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