New high torque stainless steel air motors set to shine

Assembly Technologies now offers Deprag – Germany’s new range of high torque stainless steel pneumatic motors.

These light weight, small diameter power packages achieve a high torque with the lowest rpm.

The sealed motors boast start torques of over 600Nm with a maximum weight of only
4.7kg and a maximum diameter of only 63mm.

Air powered, high torque, stainless steel motors are an excellent solution for blending
and mixing of high viscosity substances in various industries including paint, varnish,
cement, food and beverages.

High-viscosity substances such as varnishes must be further liquefied to achieve a viscosity suitable for spray application. This requires the use of an industrial agitator that stirs the liquid mass until the desired fluidity is achieved.

To this end, the newly available Advanced Line motor 67-423 model with its power of
280W and torque of 410Nm at a speed of 7 rpm offers the perfect solution.

With a torque of 400Nm at 20rpm and starting torque of 600Nm, the high performance
900W motor is also well suited to these kinds of demanding applications.

The development and construction of high-quality air motors is a core competence
of Deprag Schulz GMBH.

A specialist in airmotors, automation, air tools and screwdriving technology, the company has about 600 employees in 50 countries.

Assembly Technologies are their Australian

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