New hi fi quality earmuffs

Optimising acoustical earcup design, volume management technology, and personal hearing protection, Howard Leight introduces Sync, the next generation of stereo earmuffs.

Sync delivers the proper levels of hearing protection in hazardous noise environments with high-fidelity stereo sound from users personal portable audio MP3 players.

“Most stereo earmuffs used in industry today provide a moderate level of hearing protection, but often sacrifice the sound quality of the attached MP3 players – which can work to discourage their use,” says Renee Bessette, COHC, Global Brand Manager, Howard Leight.

“In contrast, Sync stereo earmuffs optimise new designs and technologies that provide
both hearing protection and true listening enjoyment, says Renee. “Sync entices usage – to deliver protection from noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) on the job or at home.”

Features include:

  • Protection from Hazardous Noise
  • Plug In and Go
  • Personal Listening
  • Cool, Modern Style

Sync is now available for ordering through industrial safety distributors in Australia.

For more information, visit:

Sperian Protection
Ph: 1300 139 166