New heatshrink cable breakout boot range

Adding to its growing heatshrink product offering, Stockcap has released a new range of Heatshrink Cable Breakout Boots.

In stock for immediate delivery, the Stockcap range includes 2-Core Boots with body/core dimensions 32/8-14/3mm and 4-Core Boots 41/16-14/4mm, 50/17-17/4mm and 70/28-25/8mm.

In addition to their stock Boot sizes, Stockcap can also manufacture 10 other 2-Core sizes, 9 other 3-Core sizes and eight other 4-Core sizes.

Stockcap Heatshrink Cable Breakout Boots are suitable for use with most common Low Voltage cable types including XLPE, Rubber and PILC cables rated up to 1.1KV.

All Stockcap Heatshrink Cable Breakout Boots are manufactured from cross-linked polyolefin and internally coated with hot-melt adhesive to provide excellent long-term resistance to weathering and moisture contamination.

Stockcap Heatshrink Cable Breakout Boots are competitively priced and available in convenient pack sizes.

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