New GV3 linear guidance system is TEA-riffic

The HepcoMotion GV3 linear guidance and transmission system, from TEA Transmissions, has been designed to provide users with an unrivalled choice of size and options, catering for virtually every linear motion requirement.

HepcoMotion has continually developed the ‘V’ concept incorporated in the GV3 system for more than 50 years to enable superior performance in tough conditions.

The 70° ‘V’ creates a self cleaning action that eliminates contamination in the slideway, prolonging the life expectancy of the slide and bearings.

For most harsh applications GV3 is therefore a fit and forget system.

In terms of cost over the life of a machine this system is superior to its alternatives especially where conditions are contaminated.

Thanks to its adjustable eccentric bearings GV3 will continue to work even when worn.

Long term savings can be achieved through cut maintenance costs, longer re-lubrication intervals and fewer replacement components.

The GV3 system is available in various configurations – double edge spacer slide, single edge spacer slide, double edge flat slide, single edge flat slide and flat track.

Track widths are from 11mm to 120mm, with three different precision grades.

This means an optimum linear solution can be specified to suit both application and budget.

This system can also be supplied as a driven system with standard belt driven carriage
units or rack driven carriage units available to suit.

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