New fan-free Hirschmann modules a powerful choice

Belden now offers fan-free Hirschmann PoE/PoE Plus Modules for its MACH100 Workgroup Series Switches.

The Module’s eight Fast Ethernet ports (10/100 BASE-TX) provide either 15.4 watt (PoE) or 30 watt (PoE Plus) operation, with PoE Plus functionality available to four of the unit’s eight ports.

Two PoE/PoE Plus Modules can be used with each Hirschmann MACH100 Switch for a total availability of 16 ports per switch – all of which can be operated simultaneously to provide up to 120W total power.

For additional flexibility, the Module’s PoE Plus ports can power devices with higher power requirements such as IP pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, Voice over IP (VoIP) videophones, or multiband WLAN access points.

Until now, there has never been a fan-free PoE unit that occupies only one unit of space while offering users a high concentration of PoE or PoE Plus ports.

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