New eco-friendly scrubber launched

Clark Equipment’s Materials Handling Division has released a new eco-friendly scrubber (Micro Scrub CT40BT50ECS) to the Australian market.

Manufactured by IPC Gansow, the new Micro Scrub enables operators to work for hours without the need for any refills, resulting in a significant 80 per cent less water and chemicals usage.

In addition to the eco-friendly qualities of the Micro Scrub, it cleans more efficiently.

Micro-Scrub is an innovative system that perfectly blends together all the benefits in the new frontier of micro-fibre on to mechanised high productive cleaning.

In order to benefit from the millions of fibres on the special micro-fibre pad and its electrostatic power that attracts dirt and bacteria, the pad system floats without pressure (very important to obtain maximum result) on the surface to clean.

The micro-fibre cleaning result becomes extremely effective, with three times pad rpm (600 rpm) compared to traditional brushes or pads, and therefore only requires very little water.

The IPC Gansow machines equipped with Micro-scrub are designed to work with micro-fibre, or with conventional brushes or pads in order to maximise all possible cleaning requirements. The ECS also comes with a pad to shine the floor after cleaning.

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