New dry-running pump with excellent efficiency

Addition to the range of components: diaphragm pump EVE-TR-M


Our highlights...


·   Dry-running diaphragm pump with excellent efficiency

·   Extremely robust diaphragm technology

·   Small and light

·   Good connection facilities on the vacuum and pressure sides


...are your benefits!


·   Low power consumption, economical operation

·   No wear, no servicing costs, high process reliability in continuous operation

·   Can be mounted directly on the gripper, saving hoses and connections.

·   Simple implementation of vacuum systems with blow-off function



- Handling devices powered by batteries

- Handling of airtight workpieces

- Vacuum spiders with energy-saving regulation functions


Technical data (12-V version)

- Designation: EVE-TR-M

- Suction capacity: max. 39 l/min (2.3 m²/h)

- Blow-off volume: max. 50 l/min

- Vacuum: max. 780 mbar

- Weight: 1.3 kg

- Noise level: 65 dB

- Motor power: 0.023 kW



The characteristic curve of the new dry-running diaphragm pump EVE-TR-M is shown in the graphic on the right. For a larger display, simply click on the graphic.


Product positioning

The diaphragm pump weighs only 1.3 kg and is very small! Thanks to its suction capacity of 2.3 m³/h und its maximum vacuum of -780 mbar, the pump is very efficient in the lower performance range. It is currently the smallest pump in the Schmalz product range. Contact Millsom Vacuum Components for more information.

The new pump EVE-TR-M is also unbeatable in its robustness and price.


Ordering data

EVE-TR-M-2.3-12 DC – Article No., available as of calendar week 02/08

EVE-TR-M-2.3-24 DC – Article NO., available as of calendar week 04/08