New Drexel Swingmast is here

When it comes to maximizing your storage space, nothing else measures up to the Landoll Drexel Swingmast lift trucks.

Their unique design enables drivers to turn only the mast assembly, not the entire truck in aisles as narrow as 1.70 mtrs, allowing you to store more than ever.

The versatile Landoll Drexel SwingMast, from Warehouse Safety Solutions, gives you four trucks in one.

It performs like a conventional counterbalanced truck, a reach truck, a sideloader, and a turret truck.

Models are available in capacities from 1363kg to 5454kg, with three or four stage masts with lift heights to 9.14m.

Drexel also has an EX rated frontloading forklift available for use in flammable atmospheres.

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