New diesel driven pump handles the trash

A new range of diesel driven, self-priming, trash pumps from Gorman-Rupp is now available from Australian distributor Hydro Innovations.

The Ultra V Series pumps are matched with suitable diesel engines, skid or trailer mounted, and are available with or without “silenced” canopies.

The pumps are available in four hydraulic sizes – two 3” units, a 4” and a 6”.

They can deliver heads to 50m and flows from 10L per second (l/s) through to 110 l/s. The Ultra V Series pumps can be matched with air cooled or liquid cooled engines and are capable of pumping all manner of solids laden wastewater including domestic, industrial and commercial sewage.

Pumps are capable of handling solids up to 76mm in diameter, and because of the patented “self cleaning wear plate system”, stringy materials such as rags will rarely cause blockages.

According to Hydro Innovations, the pumps are capable of self priming to a maximum of 7.6m, and unlike pumps with “add-on” priming systems, only need the impeller turning in a partially filled pump casing to effect the priming process, making them perfect for unattended operation (auto-start, auto stop).

Other methods of priming need many components to be functioning perfectly to effectively “self” prime (including an air separation chamber, a vacuum pump or compressor, and a non-return valve which needs to be perfectly seated), making them best suited to the attended operation.

The Ultra V Series pumps are very easy to maintain.

“Clearances can be adjusted in four minutes", says Garry Grant from Hydro Innovations.

“If chokes do occur they can be removed quickly, and complete rotating assemblies can be replaced in under an hour", he says.

“This makes field service a breeze, so pumps do not have to be returned to the workshop when there is a slight hiccup on site.”

Hydro Innovations
Ph: 02 9647 2700