New Davi technology helps drive Mercedes Benz

Nearly five years ago global plate roll manufacturer Davi changed the way of wiring machines using revolutionary new technology.

Davi took “fly-by-wire” (used on the Airbus A380, the Boeing 797, robotics, FMS and automotive industries) and converted it into a more efficient bending roll, now known as Roll by Wire.

DAVI rolling machines entire systems are now run through digital signals instead of the many relays and contacts used previously.
Fabrication Equipment Supplies (FES) has been the exclusive Australian agent for high quality DAVI products for more than seven years.

Davi Digital technology is fast and reliable.

Customer benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of part failure
  • Compact design (providing easy access for maintenance)
  • User-friendly (Easy to run regardless of operator skill)
  • Increased accuracy due to the use of “digital” signals

The new technology has resulted in shorter cycle time and increased productivity.

Leading automotive group Mercedes Benz is one of many manufacturers now using roll-by-wire technology in its vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Drive-by-Wire is a developing technology based on replacing mechanical or hydraulic control systems with electronic control systems.

Mercedes offers throttle systems that use drive-by-wire technology. These Throttle-by-Wire systems replace the traditional cable system between the throttle pedal and the engine’s throttle body.

A sophisticated position sensor monitors the pedal position and sends the information to an electronic control unit. The control unit then opens the throttle as required by using an electronic actuator.

A throttle-by-wire system has a number of advantages over the traditional system including fewer moving parts resulting in improved mechanical reliability.

Benefits also include better engine efficiency because throttle actuation is more closely linked to the engine control systems and other electronic sensors.

This also simplifies the process of combining the throttle position with other electronic systems on the car such as ESC, traction control and semi-automatic transmissions.

Other systems can also be controlled by wire.

In fact, any interface between the driver and car has the potential to benefit from drive-by-wire technology.

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