New compact brushless motor from M Rutty

M Rutty & Co has released its latest compact BG32 DC Servo Motor from Dunkermotoren.

With an outer diameter of 32mm and a nominal output power of 10 or 20W, is related to the well-established BG 42 in terms of technology.

With a modular system of control electronics, encoder systems, brakes and gearboxes that were carefully matched to the BG 32, a suitable solution for almost all applications can be found with a minimum of time- and design expenditure.

A flat speed-torque curve and an outstanding power per volume ratio result in a considerable nominal torque of 2.6 or 4.5Ncm, respectively at a nominal speed of 3500rpm.

Standard motor commutation is via integrated hall sensors. If necessary, high resolution encoders can be attached.

Integrated and external electronics are available. Motor version BG 32 KI (two-wire solution) has integrated control electronics. The functions are short-circuit braking, CW or CCW operation.

If only speed control is required for an application, the external electronics BGE 3004A, a cost-optimised one quadrant controller, is available.

Control electronics BGE 3508 meets high control requirements.

It is a four quadrant positioning control with integrated power stage and interfaces for stand-alone operation. Digital or analogue in- / outputs control the electronics. Alternatively, it can be operated as slave in a CANopen network with device profile DSP 402, protocol DS 301.

Protective functions like low-voltage protection, high temperature protection and locked-rotor protection ensure high operational safety.

Planetary gearboxes PLG 32/ PLG 32 H and PLG 42 S/ PLG 42 K are perfectly suited to fit to the BG 32.

Ball bearings with covers on both sides and with lifetime lubrication guarantee long lifetime and maintenance-free operation.

High resolution encoders and brakes complete the modular system. For high requirements regarding control or positioning, the motors can be equipped with digital encoders.

A power-off brake, type E 38, with a braking torque of 20 Ncm can also be attached to the BG 32.

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