New compact auto blade fuse holders from Keystone

Keystone Electronics has expanded its successful series of low insertion force, reliable and compact 2-in-1 THM automotive blade fuse holders to incorporate surface mount technologies.

This new entry of surface mount holders is manufactured to assure secure positioning during reflow soldering.

The holders also feature fully insulated clips to protect fuses and reduce assembly time.

Insulators are made of UL 94 V-O Nylon with tin-nickel-plated brass contacts to withstand shock and vibration.

Voltage rating is 500 VAC and 20 Amps current and are uniquely designed to accept both standard “mini” and low profile “mini” size auto blade fuses.

The expanded selection includes a universal surface mount holder (Part # 3587) to accommodate both standard and low profile “mini” auto blade fuses and a holder which accepts “mini” auto blade fuses (Part # 3588).

In addition, Keystone also offers the universal holder for thru hole mounting (Part # 3557-2) and a universal thru hole mount clip which accommodates both standard and low profile “mini” style auto blade fuses (Part # 3557).

A major manufacturer of interconnect components and electronic hardware, Keystone’s capabilities include stamping, machining and assembly services.

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