New chemical resistant bearing from Treotham Automation

Increasingly extreme cleaning cycles are being used in the drinks bottling, food processing and packaging industries, as well as in medical technology.

More new, aggressive or more highly concentrated chemicals are used in order to meet the demanding requirements of hygiene and cleanliness, and reduce machine downtime.

The new tribo-polymer “iglidur C210” from Treotham Automation has been designed for lubricant and maintenance-free use.

This wear-resistant material is significantly more resistant to a wide range of acids, solvents and hydrogen peroxide than the majority of the 29 catalogue materials supplied by igus.

The permanent application temperature is 100°C.

The new plastic plain bearing iglidur C210 offers an excellent price-performance ratio, because it combines very low friction values with a very long service life and extreme chemical resistance.

This makes the bearing suitable for applications such as the conveyor chains in bottle-cleaning machines.

In the drinks bottling, food processing and packaging industries, freedom from lubrication is important, combined with long service life and resistance to new chemicals in even higher concentrations.

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