New blower with very good price-performance ratio

High-quality technology at a favourable price.


Our highlights....       


·       Blower with high suction capacity in spite of low motor power

·       Pressure-limiting valve and exhaust-air silencer integrated

·       High-quality blower technology at an attractive price


…are your benefits


·       Efficient handling of porous workpieces

·       Compact design, low noise level

·       Very good price-performance ratio




- Single-channel side-channel blower

- Integrated exhaust-air silencer

- Complete with pressure-limiting valve

- Proven "Schmalz Blower construction"



- Handling of porous workpieces such as chipboards, cardboard or thermal insulation materials.


Technical data - SGBL 410-225

- Volume flow rate: 410 m³/h

- Vacuum: 225 mbar

- Weight: 62 kg

- Noise level: 68 db

- Motor power: 4 kW



The characteristic curve of the new blower SGBL DG410 is shown in the graphic on the right. For a larger display, simply click on the graphic.


Product positioning

With its performance data and properties, the blower is positioned between the blowers with a suction capacity of up to 310 m³/h and 490 m³/h and thus enlarges our existing product range.


Ordering data

Designation: SGBL-410-225   Article No.   Available as from calendar week 49

Designation: SGBL-410-225 REV   Article No.   Available as from calendar week 01/2008


The new blower has a high suction capacity, is very efficient and has a very good price-performance ratio.

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