New Bioplastics Pavilion is clearly a winner


AUSPACK will introduce a new Bioplastics Pavilion as an added feature to this year’s four-day event from June 16-19.

The Bioplastics Pavilion comprises members of the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA), the representative body for the bioplastics industry in Australia and NZ.

The ABA sets the standards for plastic materials.

Exhibitors include Biograde, BioPak, Innovia Films, NatureWorks, Plantic Technologies and Plastral – bringing together significant expertise and solutions under one roof.

The Bioplastics Pavilion provides an opportunity for the bioplastics industry to present their broad range of products, properties and applications while allowing each individual exhibitor to highlight their particular technologies and solutions.

“The packaging industry is increasingly being asked to use products that have a renewable resource component and are biodegradable and compostable, says Warwick Hall, business manager Specialty Plastics & Bioplastics for Plastral.

“The AUSPACK Bioplastics Pavilion will enable members of the industry to see an extensive range of products and technologies that are available in Australia,” he says.

According to Mr Peter Clydesdale, managing director Asia Pacific, NatureWorks LLC Ingeo, bioplastic has redefined an industry that traditionally has relied on oil as its primary raw material.

“Given the advent of global warming concerns, and oil’s fluctuating prices and limited supply, we know that bioplastics represents a small step in the right direction in addressing these critical issues longer term,” Clydesdale said.

“Ingeo biopolymer (generic name polylactic acid) made by NatureWorks LLC is the only commercially-scaled biopolymer in production and commercial use today.

“New products in Australia include Ingeo water bottles by Cool Change, Ingeo shampoo and conditioner bottles by Nature’s Organics, as well as nonwoven applications such as diapers and wet/dry wipes.”

The Bioplastics Pavilion will demonstrate what type of bio-based materials and products are currently available to improve carbon footprints and enable companies to become more responsible product suppliers.

AUSPACK visitors will have a chance to learn about new applications and the wide range of materials available.

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