New Admiral AX is an industry leader

The Admiral AX light curtain from Treotham Automation with its two safe static outputs has seven types of protection and can work without external control units.

All the safety functions are integrated inside the Emitter and the Receiver.

The Admiral AX is designed for the protection of workers exposed to risks arising from the use of dangerous machines.

This unit complies with the requirements of the European Standard EN 61496-1 and the International Standard IEC 61496-1-2.

The Admiral AX integrates the start/restart interlock function as well as the External Device Monitoring (EDM). Master/Slave.

Technical specifications include a selectable maximum scanning distance of 6 m or 18m and power supply 24 V ± 20%.

The Admiral AX, light curtain is designed for the protection of:

  • Press Brakes
  • Presses
  • Punching and dinking machines
  • Cutters and shears
  • Robotised areas
  • Assembly lines
  • Palletising systems

The Admiral AX safety Light Curtain is available from Treotham Automation in four different models.

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