New 3M aerosol adhesives make life even easier

Aerosol spray adhesives were first invented by 3M company in 1964.

This innovative delivery system brought an easier and cleaner way to apply adhesives to the market and has remained relatively unchanged for over 40 years.

The recent introduction by 3M of the new Scotch-Weld™ Cylinder Spray Adhesives now brings convenience and freedom of an aerosol can with the productivity of a bulk system.

Spray adhesives in pressurised cylinders are portable and can be easily transported within the factory or used on-site with virtually no setup or cleanup time.

The adhesive is applied through a hose and applicator which can be attached and re-used on new cylinders as required.

Cylinder adhesives are as easy to use as a spray can, but offers bulk delivery without the usual complex set-up. (No need for compressors, tangled air lines, decanting or pot filling).

3M Cylinders are available to suit most applications.

Non-flammable FoamFast74NF and Hi-Strength 98NF are ideal for fast tacking foam bonding and high strength general purpose metal, plastic and wood lamination applications. Holdfast 70 is ideal bonding polystyrene foam insulation and Low VOC version Post-Forming 94CA is ideal for GreenStar rated applications.

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