Need for speed: FES rolls out state-of-the-art catamarans

Two years ago FES, a market leader in the plate rolling industry, delivered two hi-tech DAVI CNC Rolling Machines to Incat – one of the world’s leading hi-speed ferry manufacturers.

Having secured contracts to build a number of $100 million hi-speed ferries for the European market (Spain) and Japanese market it made sense to focus on increasing productivity to meet delivery schedules.

Incat is the builder of the world’s benchmark in high-speed ships with fast Wave Piercing
Catamarans in commercial and military service worldwide.

The catamarans are used to carry passengers, vehicles and freight, and provide high speed marine transportation solutions for a wide range of applications.

Incat’s shipyard is on Prince of Wales Bay at Derwent Park near Hobart, Tas.

The facility incorporates more than 70,000 m2 of undercover production halls, with two dry-dock areas capable of accommodating up to six vessels under construction. Incat has earned a reputation for quality and excellence in production so the choice to use DAVI CNC rolling machines was simple.

DAVI, since its inception in 1966, has grown to become the world leader in the production of the most technologically advanced precision metal forming machines and rolling systems with main focus on control, efficiency and productivity.

The DAVI MCB 2535 (4xRolls) CNC Plate Rolling machine and the DAVI MCB/P 4311 (4xRolls) Section Rolling machine increased the productivity at Incat.

The welding systems had to be re-designed and automated to meet the increased output.

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