National Foods Automatic Stretch Tape Wrapper

Company Profile:

National Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation. It is one of Australia's largest food companies, with core activities in milk, fresh dairy foods, juice and specialty cheese.


Automatic pallet wrapping system for high volume dairy foods producer.

The Problem:

Yoghurt and other processed dairy foods were being wrapped in conventional stretch film, which created a very significant waste problem.

Product Chosen:

The Safetech Semi Automatic Stretch Tape Wrapper and 3M™Scotch® Stretchable tape. This automatic stretch tape wrapper provides secure, stable pallet wrapping at rates of up to 60 per hour. Safetech also supplied the inflow and outflow conveyors as well as complete integration of the system into the palletising lines.

Benefits of this Product:

Whilst stretch tape is ideal for almost all pallet wrapping needs it is particularly favoured by customers who require strong load holding capacity but need ventilation to stop damage to perishable goods or to prevent the "sweating" that occurs underneath film that damages cartons. For other companies it is the enormous saving in waste plastic - up to 90% by volume - that is the impetus to change to stretch tape. Products that require chilling can now be stabilised before being placed in the freezer thus eliminating product loss and double handling. Other benefits include the capacity of stretch tape to lock pallet loads onto the pallet without the creation of plastic tags that hinder pallet handling at large distribution centres.


  • Stretch film failed to allow product ventilation.
  • Netting was expensive, difficult to remove, can foul machinery and not available in an automatic system.